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Being One - Relationship Seminar

 Being One - Learning to Love Your Partner Without Losing Yourselv in the Process

This day-long seminar is open of any couple who desires to attend.
Pre-registration is required.
For couples getting married at St. Paul's the seminar is free.
Otherwise, the cost is $60 per couple for materials and lunch.

Call St. Paul's to register - 713-528-0527

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Ordinary Women Study Group

Brown Bag Lunch


Build Community Of Women Within Ordinary Life

To Have Meaningful Conversations About Topics Relevant to Our Spiritual Journey

Put Faith Into Action By Sponsoring/Implementing Community Service Projects

We will meet in Room 204 in the Jones Building


At the October 5th meeting -

ORDINARY WOMEN will host members of the Sisterhood of Saalam/Shalomorganization for lunch on October 5th.
Saalam/Shalom is a fairly new organization in the U S and the Houston chapter was formed in April of this past year. The goal is for Muslim and Jewish women to get to know each other as human beings. It is not aimed at learning the theology of either faith. It is formed to promote friendship and respect between the two groups.
We will meet for lunch here at St Paul’s at 12 noon on OCTOBER 5th with Muslim members as our guests and add the Jewish ladies to our “mix” on November 2 at St Paul’s. We hope to know each other better, to build bridges of friendship, and to grow in our respect for each other as we share our sameness as well as our differences. We want to reaffirm that ALL of us need each other and encourage growth in our relationships.

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St. Paul's Marches in the Houston 2017 LGBT Festival and Parade

St. Paul's is again marching in the Houston 2017 LGBT Celebration and Parade.  This year, we'll even have a float.

We need team members to march, design and build the float, and to donate goods and time.

More information about St. Paul's participation can be found HERE.

You can sign up to volunteer and become part of the festivities HERE.

Thank you!

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Gay Pride Festival - First Team Meeting

Jennifer West, of St. Paul's, is leading the efforts to organize St. Paul's participation in this year's Houston Gay Pride Festival and Parade.

Amongst the things you can do:

  • Walk on parade day (6 to 10 PM)
  • Help design St. Paul's parade float
  • Help put the float together the morning of the parade (June 24, 10 AM)
  • Decorate the float, 4 to 6 PM, June 24
  • Donate clear and colored Christmas lights 
  • Donate glow sticks and glow bracelets for the parade marchers
  • Donate bottled water
  • Participate in parade day without marching

A general team meeting will be held on Sunday, May 21... location and time will be updated here shortly.

A final team meeting will be held on Sunday, June 11... again, location and time will be updated here as soon as it is available.

Sunday, May 28 is the last day to order a T-shirt.

Parade day is Saturday, June 24.  Festivities go on all day, the parade starts at 6 PM.

More information is available here:  Houston 2017 LGBT Pride Celebration

Please volunteer, donate, or just be a part of St. Paul's team.  You can sign up HERE.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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