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Our class members are incredibly generous. Just last year we gave away $36,000 to various organizations. Half of our yearly collection goes to missions of St. Paul's seeking to empower poor and under-resourced communities. A few examples are Rutabaga, Fe y Esperanza, and the Zoe Orphan Project. The other half is divided among social justice initiatives, spiritual formation programs, and non-profits in the Houston area where members of our class are involved. 

The following organizations received a total of $18,000 gifts from Ordinary Life in 2017:  Justice for Our Neighbors, Kiva Loans InternationalEmergency Aid Coaltion, Magnificat House, Boys and Girls Harbor of Houston, Smiles & fur Friends, Amazing Place, Iconoclast Artists, Interfaith Ministries of Houston, International Justice Mission, and The Omega Center. We also gave a significant amount to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund at St. Paul's. 

The following organizations received gifts from us in 2016: Boys to Men, The Mankind Project, Justice for Our NeighborsEmergency Aid Coaltion, Magnificat House, and The Omega Center.

If you are interested in donating to the causes of Ordinary Life, click here. You will be directed to St. Paul's United Methodist Church. Be sure to select “Other” in the fund box and type "Ordinary Life" in the memo box. See photo below.