A Most Generous People

Dear Folks -

Over the years, those who attend the weekly gatherings of Ordinary Life make financial contributions. We have a committee of people who decide how to disburse this money.

Recently, the following disbursements were made totaling $8,000.

$1,000 Glabal Aids Interfaith Alliance
$1,000 The Methodist Children's Home in Waco, Texas
$1,000 The Women"s Home in Houston, Texas
$1,000 St. Paul's Christmas Offering
$1,000 SEARCH - the organization that works with Houston Homeless
$1,000 Emergency Aid Coalition
$1,000 Russian Children's Camp
$1,000 Amazing Place

On December 3, we donated $3,000 to the ongoing work in Bolivia that St. Paul's and Ordinary Life has been a part of for years. This was matched in a like amount by funds from Global Ministries.

We also contribute regularly to the after-school tutoring and day-care program the works with the "latch-key" children population near St. Paul's.

If anyone wants to make a tax-exempt contribution, please send your check payable to

Ordinary Life Class
St. Paul's UMC
5501 South Main
Houston, TX 77004

Thank you all for your incredible generosity.

Much love,

Bill Kerley