Synchronicities | by Holly Hudley

I had a quick, sweet, love-filled conversation with my beautiful friend Brooke in which she shared her revelation about Jesus and Christmas and symbols of birth.

I read an article by my brilliant professor, Jacob Sherman, who wrote:


(Think I liked that one much? Hearts and arrows abound. I instantly shared with Brooke!)

I am writing research papers on hope & kinship while at the same time searching the dregs of my own being for what those mean to me, not just to scholars. I come across these words: “Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world” (Matthew 5:14, MSG).  The GOD-COLORS!!! I love that.

I cannot think of a better metaphor for the birth of the Christ in the form of Jesus than for us to birth the GOD-COLORS within us. Also. I learned a new word: haeccity. It means “thisness” which in turn means “the discrete qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing that make it a particular thing.” What is your thisness?

THEN I had a funny conversation with Bill in which we wondered allowed why words mean certain things and create certain pictures in our minds, and I thought he said something he did not say which gave it an entirely other meaning. I laughed so hard I snorted over the phone. Me snorting has nothing to do with anything except to say that Bill is funny. And I think he wears his God-colors, and they are beautiful.

Sometimes entanglement is hilarious.