Be Still and Know

Dear Folks -

From time to time I emphasize the importance of having a spiritual

practice - of some sort. The questions I raise are, among others, "how do

you experience the sacred? What, on a regular basis do you do to free you

from the claims of the ego?" Two people I know recently completed what is

called The Ten Day training in meditation. Sometimes it is referred to as

The Retreat of Noble Silence because one of the vows participants take is

not to speak for ten days!

If you type Vippassana Meditation into Google, you will be taken to many

sites explaining it. Check out the Southwest Vippassana Center near Dallas,


I don't have the remarks of the two who spoke - they did an outstanding

job. I do have an audio tape and if there is enough interest, I'll make

copies. Also, we are experimenting with being able to make CDs of the class.

I am grateful to Firoozeh Tuller and Russell Richard for taking the time to

speak to us.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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