All Souls -- Remembering Our Loved Ones

This week, Rebecca Rucker, Director of Community Mental

Health Services for IntraCare Hospital will be our guest speaker.

She is also a recent member of St. Paul's. The topic of her

discussion will be...

All Souls -- Remembering Our Loved Ones:

The last day of October marks the beginning in the church of a period

known as Hallowtide or "All Saintside" when Christians remember those

who have died. All Hallows Eve or Halloween, October 31, has Celtic

origins being originally the feast of Sanhain ('sow'inn), the last

night of the Celtic year, when all kinds of spirits were thought to

be active. The Celts believed that this was a time when the boundary

between the spirit world and the earthly world is at its thinnest and

when spirits are most likely to be seen on earth. While this veil

between the two worlds is thin, we will explore what saints in our

modern history offer to teach us.


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