Digging Deeper To Find the Truth

Dear Folks -

While we were away on our trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey, I was found

by several "God moments." In this presentation I define what a "God moment"

is and use two of them as bookends to frame my remarks. In the last two

hundred years we have gained in the sophistication of all sorts of tools and

insights to help us understand places from the past. Just as our ability to

do literal archeology has improved, so has our ability to do linguistic or

doctrinal archeology. I begin talking about how, on the surface level - that

is, the level we see today - there are certain doctrines held to be true. It

was not always so. Doctrines have developed over time. In this talk I begin

go dig down into an understanding of Jesus to see how our current beliefs

have developed.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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