Values: Common Ground or Source of Divisiveness?

Dear All,

This Sunday we will be talking a lot about values around the

theme: "Values: Common Ground or Source of Divisiveness?" We

will be discussing what values are and taking a look at our own personal

values and the beliefs and behaviors that support those values.

On Wednesday of this week, when the political news commentators were

analyzing the results of the Presidential election, Jeff Greenfield,

one of the senior political analysts for CNN, make this

statement: "The Democrats did not do a good job of paying

attention to the way people live their everyday lives and their values."

Nations, political parties, corporations, institutions, families,

marriages, individuals, churches, and even church school classes, are

all guided by their values. There are several questions that arise

for all of us: are those values conscious or unconscious? Do the

values we espouse match the way we behave, or the decisions we make?

Our speaker this Sunday will be one of our own class members,

Reverend Tom Daugherty. Tom and his wife, Jerilynn, have been

members of the Ordinary Life Class for several years and are well

known to many of us. Tom is a clergy member of the Texas Annual

Conference of the United Methodist Church, and until his retirement

in June of this year served as Vice President for Spiritual Care and

Values Integration for The Methodist Hospital System. During his

time with Methodist, Tom led the hospital system in a values

integration effort that resulted in that organization having the

highest degree of values alignment out of 800 corporate clients in 26

countries using the Corp Tools Cultural Assessment developed by

Richard Barrett and Associates.


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