Don’t Quit – Keep Playing

In an earlier time in these gatherings, when we talked more about things

psychological and spiritual rather than historical and religious, we talked about

the role of the Shadow in our lives. (If you are interested in this, you can go to the

archives and read those specific presentations. They were given on July 21 and

August 18 of 2002.)

There is a saying in our culture: "What you don't know can't hurt you." Actually,

that is a lie. What we don't know owns us. To quote from James Hollis' new book,

"Wisdom begins when we recognize that there are these split-off parts of the

personality that have a life of their own. They rob energy from our conscious life,

oblige us to serve historic patterns rather than be in the present with all choices

open, and bind us, like the mythic Ixion, to the wheel of repetition. Until we bring

these fragments of charged history to consciousness, dialogue with them, and

observe them at work in our lives, we can never create our lives as we wish them

to be."

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