Guest Speaker: Russell Richard

Guest Speaker: Russell Richard

"A Path to Living in Joy and Love"

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to speak to you again. Last fall Bill i nvited

me to speak about my experience in a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Although

my consistency in maintaining this practice has not been so consistent, I can

easily connect with a sense of calm an inner peace that rests deep within my


My topic today is not meditation or stillness but that of being fully alive and

living from a place of joy and love. I must admit that I know more about the

darkness of despair and hopelessness than the light of joy and love, but having

worked on myself for many years and working primarily with clients in the darkest

and most hopeless of circumstances, I have been blessed to get to the other side

and assist others in doing the same. Unfortunately this is not a one time trip.

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