Catching The Vision

Hello. I'm glad to be back - back in this country where I understand the

language and the street signs and can, most of the time, find my way around. I'm

glad to be back here. It is absolutely essential for me to step back from the task

of teaching from time to time and take a break. I'm so grateful to you for the time

off and to Kim and Susanna, John and Richard and for those who taught in my


I'm sure I'll be making some references to our trip from time to time in the

weeks ahead. We spent three weeks traveling in Portugal, Spain and France. It

was a wonderful trip.

The most challenging part of it was the driving. I have concluded that the

drivers in some of the European countries are better than American drivers. They

have to be! What was challenging for us was finding hotels where we had made

reservations in some of the cities we visited - like Bilboa, Spain and Lourdes,

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