Safe and Secure From All Alarms

When you leave hear today I want you to be glad

you invested part of your life by spending time

here. I want you to leave with a greater level of

trust in yourself and in the Sacred that sustains

you and me. This is what I teach because this is

what I myself want to learn. I want to grow in both

freedom and in love.

You don't need me to tell you this but this is

tough because we live in an upset and upsetting

world. Freedom as we understand it in the Western

world seems to be threatened on almost every front

and most people - at least from the stories that

make the front pages of the papers - don't seem to

know the meaning of things like love, compassion,

truth, justice and personal responsibility.

I have come to believe that the outer peace we

say we want cannot be had without inner peace and

we can't have inner peace without practice.

Attending this gathering is part of your practice.

Just being here, however, is analogous to attending

a piano lesson. If this is all you do, you won't

learn to play - that is, to have peace.

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