What Is In Your Toolbox?

I heard someone say recently this sentence: If God were alive today she would

be an atheist.

I love lines like that. They get us ­ at least they get me ­ to have a smidgen of a

transcendent moment. That is to say, if I can stay non­reactive and non­

judgmental, they stop me i n my tracks and get me to consider or reconsider the

usual assumptions by whi ch I construct my world.

"If God were ali ve today" ­ well , is God alive? How do you know? Where is the

evi dence?

"she would be" ­ She? Let me ask you: what comes first to your mind when you

hear the word "God"? I remember aski ng one of my most important spiritual

teachers that question and his first answer was "A man i n a long robe with a

whi te beard off out in space somewhere." Then he added other definitions.

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