How To Fail At The Spiritual Life

I am sure you all know what an oxymoron is. The word "oxymoron" comes from

two words: "oxy" meaning "sharp" and "moron" meaning "dull." So an oxymoron

is two words that when put together are sharp and dull at the same time, or,

ludicrous contrasts.

"Jumbo shrimp" would be an example.

Another would be "bitter sweet chocolate."

Some think "military intelligence" fills the bill.

Here are some others:

I'm going to give you a "definitely maybe."

Could you give me a "precise estimate" on the job?

This article that you are buying is a "genuine imitation."

If the Houston Texans win this game, it will take a "minor miracle."

This garment contains "synthetic natural fibers."

The captain said to the crew of his ship, "We have a 'still wind' today."

I've always thought to call a motorcycle gang the "hells angels" was a bit


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