Doubt is NOT the Opposite of Faith

For years I have wanted a dog but, frankly, we have not had - and don't have

now - a lifestyle for a dog. We are gone from our home so much. But I have been

thinking more and more seriously about getting a dog. If everything holds to plan

- and nothing ever really does - we've going to get a dog when we come back

from our trip to Portugal, Spain and France this Fall.

I've been talking to several people who have dogs about things it would be

helpful to know. The one topic that has consistently come up has been the matter

of training. Some have advised getting an older dog who is already trained and

others have stressed the importance of training a younger dog from the very

beginning. People have given me the names of dog trainers and they speak

reverentially of them - one even referred to his trainer as a "dog whisperer." I

have now found out that there is a television program by this name. One man

said to me, "You have to relate to the dog as if you yourself were a dog and from

the very beginning you have to let him know that you are the Alpha Dog." I think

I've gotten some good advice about dogs. We'll see how it all plays out.


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