Wise Up!

Last week I used a quote that somewhat sums up our time in so many ways.

Here it is again: I think we risk becoming the best-informed society that has ever

died of ignorance.

I think we were one of the last people on earth to get Caller ID or phones that

could tell us who was calling. It is a great thing to keep from answering

telemarketing calls.

Yes, we get them even though we are on all sorts of "do NOT call" lists. What I

can't seem to stop are the unsolicited faxes I get at my office. Most of them have

numbers at the bottom of the fax saying that if you want your number removed all

you have to do is call this toll free number and you will be removed. So I call and

get this recording asking me to input my fax number followed by the pound key. I

do so and am promised that my number will be removed. The next day I get

another unsolicited fax. Again, there is a number at the bottom for me to call if I

want to be removed. It is a different number. I call. I hear the same recorded

woman's voice. I can't tell you how many times I have done this.

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