Everything Belongs - A Sermon July 16, 2006

Now here is something that might surprise you. The most

popular Christian education offering in the 100-year history of this

church has been - ballroom dancing. At least twice that I can

remember classes in ballroom dancing have been offered here and

the classes were so popular that enrollment had to be closed. I can't

remember that has ever happened here for a course in Leviticus.

Imagine that. Ballroom dancing being offered by a church.

Now, I was raised a Southern Baptist in Tennessee and this is

just the sort of thing we were warned about the Methodists. But

now that I've been part of this wonderful church for well over

twenty years it is the sort of thing about which I am proud. So, if

you are visiting here today and hear this news about ballroom

dancing being one of our educational offerings, I hope your

response is, "That's my kind of church."

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