Still Water that Flows, Flowing Water that is Still

Last Sunday Richard Wingfield began our question and answer session by

asking how we can take a stance of love, compassion and inclusiveness and,

looking at what is going on in the world, not become cynical? This is an excellent

question and if we are going to live lives of love and compassion for ourselves

and for others we need to know how to answer it. Not just how to answer it

intellectually but how to answers it with our lives.

Most of us have a set of ready-made answers for all sorts of things. When

someone asks us where we live, what our name is, who our partner is, what we

do for a living we have answers. If somebody asks us if we are happy though, we

often have to stop and think about it.

One of the goals of this series is to help any who are open to it, any who want

to pursue the matter, to identify the inner conditions and practices that favor love,

compassion, peace, happiness, well-being and the like and to see what

conditions and practices hinder those things. Then we can use this information

for our advantage.

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