Being Who We Were Meant To Be

Dear Folks –

This week's life talk in Ordinary Life is about identity and

loyalty. Who are we? How are we to behave – both as individuals and

as a people.

Sometimes we have errors in the way that we think that keep us

from seeing "what is." Some of these are being seduced by power,

fear, cultural bias, consumerism and speed.

Authentic life and living are to be found when we learn to be

"in" the various worlds in which we live without either gaining or

losing our identity to them. If misguided loyalty causes us to lose

sight of who we really are, it is "blind loyalty." It causes it to

have "false identity."

The empire-like culture in which we live causes us frequently to

confuse the love of power for the power of love.

Much love,


Bill Kerley

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Unfortunately, no audio available this week.