Moving Beyond Right and Wrong to Wise and Useful

Dear Folks -

Since this talk is the last one I'll do in Ordinary Life until

August 5, I chose to spend the time talking about some of the

assumptions I've been working from in the series "Having a Religious

and Spiritual Fit." As usual I think the spoken version is better

(more complete) than the text here. One of the things I do in talking

about the matter of authority is to talk about how in the Protestant

version of Christianity it came to be that there was, and is, a

division between "liberals" and "conservatives." My suggestion is

that we let neither label define or confine us. The presentation ends

with my version of the stonecutter story.

I am on my way for a holiday in England and Turkey. A great line-

up of guest speakers is in store for the rest of July.

Much love,


Bill Kerley

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