The Misfits

Dear Folks -

If things are not going well on the inside, then things won't go

well on the outside. We can be so blind to how things are going on

the outside that we aren't aware of how things are on the inside.

This is the paradoxical situation I talk about in this life talk. I

gave it the title "The Misfits." I spend some time talking about how

the Roman Empire shaped and fashioned the early Christian message. It

is important for us to be aware of this. Jesus was executed not for

any religious teaching but for his political stance. I conclude this

talk by telling one of my favorite stories. It continues the

question: "What does a woman really want." The woman in this story

represents those hidden aspects of ourselves as well as those in the

outer world we call our "enemies."

Much love,


Bill Kerley

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