Cool Heads and Warm Hearts

Dear Folks -

Wow! I was stunned beyond belief. In my wildest imagination I could 
not have imagined what would have happened yesterday.

I can think of no more significant gift I have ever received and could 
not feel more honored and appreciated than I do by the actions taken 
by the members of Ordinary Life yesterday. Thank you.

For those of you who weren't in attendance at Ordinary Life the 
leadership of the class, represented by John Watson, announced the 
establishment of "The Kerley Endowment for Spiritual Advancement and 
Understanding." Let me quote from the printed piece: the fund is 
established by the class as a way "to honor their teacher, Dr. Bill 
Kerley. The fund is part of and managed by St Paul's Methodist 
Foundation of Houston, a permanent endowment fund at St. Paul's United 
Methodist Church of Houston, Texas. Proceeds and earnings attributable 
to this fund will be available to underwrite educational activities 
and programs which further the lessons of Dr. Kerley's own faith 

I'll ask that the complete text of the handout be posted on the 
Ordinary Life website.

I was so speechless that some of the words I had prepared for 
yesterday never made it out of my mouth. You can listen to the audio 
version via the website. What follows is the text I had prepared for 
the talk.

In summary my goal was to talk about what it might look like for us to 
be "the light of the world."

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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Download Kerley endowment information