Do Not Be Afraid

Dear Folks -

I don't know if our "technical people" were able to capture what the 
Joyful Noise Choir did at the Ordinary Life Gathering this week or 
not. I know Richard Wingfield took pictures and I'm guessing they will 
make it to the website. What a treat.

I am choosing the take a smidgen of a diversion during this time 
leading up to Christmas to talk about what it means in spiritual 
practice to wait. What is it we are waiting for and how are we to 
wait. This week, in summary, what I said is that we can receive what 
we wait for unless we are empty and we can receive what is at the 
heart of spiritual reality if we are frightened. We live in fearful 
times where the cultural message to us is to fill out lives with a lot 
of worthless food of all sorts. I called the talk "Do Not Be Afraid." 
What follows is the full text from which I spoke.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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Download 20081130.mp3