Even in This Mess

Dear Folks -

On this past Sunday we had a record attendance in Ordinary Life -

over 250 persons. Plus, I heard, after our speaker's presentation,

the longest standing applause I have ever heard in such a gathering.

The presentation was outstanding. If you were there you know what I


The Rev. Bill Taylor shared his experience of being "forced out"

of his church - First United Methodist Church, Conroe, Texas. He was

open, honest and funny. Also, he demonstrated his own willingness to

change (or be changed) while walking his own spiritual path.

I asked him if I could have a copy of the text he used and you can

read it below. However, to hear the spontaneous remarks with which he

peppered his talk and to experience the question and answer period

that followed, you'll have to go to the Ordinary Life web site and

download or listen to the audio there.

How privileged we were to have him. I hope to have him back in the


Much love,

Bill Kerley

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Download 20080210.mp3