Prior Unity

Dear Folks -

As I mentioned this past week my brother, who lives in Tennessee,

is gravely ill. I am on my way to spend time with him.

I have asked one of the most popular speakers we have ever had to

return to the Ordinary Life Gather to speak with you this week.

Michael Butera, a former Roman Catholic priest and currently a

practicing psychotherapist, will talk with you about -

Prior Unity

He gave me this sentence to describe what he plans to say: "A new

kind of consciousness is required based on the working assumption of

prior unity and on the understanding of the indivisibility of the

single world in which everyone is living."

Mike's spiritual journey and story is fascinating. His insights

and understandings reflect the kind of non-dualistic thinking we have

been talking about. I hope you will do yourself a favor and come to

hear him.

Thank you for your understanding, prayers and support.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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