Orphans of Rwanda presentation

Dear Folks -

We are having a rare opportunity this week. First, Jordon
Stewart, the daughter of one of our members, has spent time teaching
in Rwanda. In working with the program Orphans of Rwanda, she was
challenged to explore her own faith. She is going to talk about the
experiences she had during this time. With her will be Michael
Brotchner who is the executive director of the Orphans of Rwanda
program. She has provided me with two websites you might want to
explore before we gather this week -


is about the organization and


is an amazing story about forgiveness.

Then, for a few minutes at the end of their time, we will have an
opportunity to meet and hear from Peter Storey. Peter will be
preaching at the 11:05 service at St. Paul's. He is a native of South
Africa and served as chaplain to Nelson Mandela and other political
prisoners on Robben Island. He was a national leader in the church
struggle against apartheid. You can read more about him at


This week provides us with a rich opportunity to learn and
expand our horizons with people who have had personal experiences in
areas we are concerned about.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

Unfortunately there is not a recording of this presentation.