Community Building in Ordinary Life

“Perhaps objectivity is gained not through detachment from the setting but through deep

involvement in and reflection about the setting.” (Coombe, 1997) This quote from our reading

supported me in thinking about describing a community-based group in which I currently

participate. We have many opportunities to learn about new issues, new programs, and new

projects. With this assignment, I took the opportunity to further develop my new knowledge

with a group with which I have been involve, to varying depths, for five years.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church is located in the museum district, the heart of inner

city Houston. “To build a community of faith centered in love” (SPUMC, 2006) is an excerpt

from the mission statement. Using Fellin’s 2001 definition of community, as based on shared

interest (Minkler, 2005), and parts of Hunter’s 1975 definition, which describes communities

as units of patterned social interaction and symbolic units of collective identity (Minkler, 2005),

I have set about examining this community.

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