The Glue That Holds Things Together

Dear Folks -

   What is the glue that holds everything together? I got to playing around with this metaphor when my son, who sells surgical equipment, told me that one of the things used today to hold surgical wounds together is "super glue." Our society is held together by a glue. Sometimes we are not aware of this and its impact on us - just as a fish is not aware of the water in which it swims.

   If we are interested in understanding the teachings of Jesus, it would also be helpful for us to understand the glue that held his society together. It was very different from our own. If we don't know the differences between the world in which we live and his, we won't understand his teaching. This "life talk" is about understanding those differences and, in the end, seeks to summarize the teaching of Jesus to one phrase.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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