Being Who We Are - No More, No Less

Dear Folks -

   Here is a summary of the talk I gave in Ordinary Life this week.

   I have given myself the task of attempting to describe what it means "to be happy" by looking at the Beatitudes given by Jesus. The one under consideration in this talk is, perhaps, the biggest turn-off line in the entire Christian Testament: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth."

   Nothing in our culture supports being "meek." Indeed, our culture rewards just the opposite.

   I contend in this talk that the word "meek" doesn't mean what we usually thing it does. Meekness is this: Being who we truly are - no more, no less.

   That is what this talk amplifies on and uses a revisit to Richard Rohr's notion of "the cosmic egg."

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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