What's In Your Hand?

Dear Folks -

Many years ago I read a story in the newspaper about a family
whose house caught on fire. They all got out safely. As they stood
watching the flames destroy their home, the mother rushed back into
the burning house to retrieve some precious object. She emerged a few
minutes later clutching an orange. In her upset and confusion that is
what she deemed most precious.

My hunch is that when we feel threatened we all clench our fists
around something. I'm speaking metaphorically.

This week in Ordinary Life I want to talk with you about what the
first Beatitude might mean for us. It reads: "Blessed are the poor."
How so? In what way? Anyone who has the capacity to receive and read
this e-mail is in no way "poor." So, how does this beatitude find
relevance for us?

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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