Canon Dr. Peter Sills - Syria

Dear Folks -

For several years I have had the hope that the Ordinary Life Class
could find a way to express our appreciation and affection to and for
St. Paul's. We have found it.

A few years ago the renowned St. Paul's choir was invited to be the
choir in residence for a week at the magnificent cathedral in Ely,
England. From that visit there developed a relationship with the Vice-
Dean of the Cathedral, Canon Peter Sills. He came to St. Paul's and
did a series of lectures on the Rule of Benedict. Both Peter and
material he offered were very well received.

Two years ago the choir returned to Ely. I went with them and while
there asked Peter if he were willing to return to St. Paul's for
another lectureship. He said he was open to the idea. On returning to
Houston I asked the leadership of Ordinary Life if our gathering could
gift St. Paul's by paying for the expenses involved in such a visit.
The class agreed and for two years the plans have slowly been

Peter will be, among other things, introducing this series in Ordinary
Life this week. I have also asked him to show some pictures of the
magnificent cathedral in Ely. (To give you an idea of its size, it
took 16 years to paint the ceiling!) You can learn more by visiting

Peter will also this Sunday talk a bit about his recent trip to Syria.

Please come Sunday to meet and hear Peter. Also, plan to attend as
many of his lectures during the week as possible. I can confidently
promise you that this investment of your time will be well worth it.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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