Fences, Walls and Open Gates

Dear Folks -

Almost a quarter of a century ago I began to make a list of "spiritual principles" that I thought, by following, would enhance one's experience of life. I called them "the principles of ordinary life."

One of the principles is: We have a moral obligation to be happy.

I have been exploring the meaning and application of this principle for months now. In this talk I reflect on the territory we've covered looking at this principle and how it is I've gotten to deal with the parables of Jesus.

One reason for the approach in this talk is that the parable up for consideration gives an excellent opportunity to explore why it is that so many people have difficulty with this principle. Once we make happiness something we pursue or if we base our happiness on what we have, we will never be truly happy. Happiness is a gift that comes from practicing and experience solidarity within and among the human race.

A copy of the complete text I used for the talk is below. The pictures I mention at the beginning of the talk are on the Keynote presentation.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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