Here and There, Now and Then

Dear Folks -

Here is something Chris Newlin sent me that is fitting for the season
and for a good laugh. It will lighten your heart to see and hear it -

I don't know what, if any preparation you might be willing to do for
our time together this week. I seldom request this. If you have an
opportunity read Luke 14:16-24 in preparation for our time together.
(Parallel texts are Matthew 22:2-14 and Gospel of Thomas 64.)

See what you think this story is about. Scholars say it is the most
difficult of Jesus' parables to interpret. See what you think not only
the meaning of the story is but also its applicability to you. I'm
giving this title to what I want to say -

Here and There, Now and Then

Also, there will be no class on December 27 and just one service, at
10:30 a.m., at St. Paul's on that Sunday.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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