Knowing the Rules So That We Can Break Them

Dear Folks -

More often than not I feel that the audio version of what I say in the Ordinary Life Gathering exceeds the written version that is below. Thank goodness for people like Susanna Hooper and Richard Wingfield and John Watson and others who make it possible to get audio versions of the talks. Susanna has just upgraded the website to include instructions for subscribing to the audio version on iTunes or simply downloading the talks you want. Check out


This week I talked about how redemptive it is for us to be able to do the difficult work of holding the contradictions of life within us. Key words in spiritual work are "awareness" and "inclusivity." We have to know the laws of life and how they work so that we can break them.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

audio will be available soon...sorry for the delay - the toddler may have misplaced the chip! ;)

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