Bridging the Gap Between the Powerful and the Powerless to Achieve Peace and Prosperity

Dear Folks -

Last summer I had planned to take some time off and spend it in much 
different ways than events dictated. One of the unexpected things that 
happened during that time was Ike. Ordinary Life was cancelled for 
that Sunday. The speaker scheduled to speak was The Reverend Bill 

We wanted to reschedule Bill to speak for us on a Sunday when I could 
be present to introduce him and, perhaps, for the to have a bit of a 
dialogue. I'm grateful for Joan Scales for arranging this.

I have known Bill for well over 40 years. In 1967 he and I gave a 
dialogue sermon together called "The Salt and Pepper of the Earth." It 
made the papers! He is an amazing speaker and has an incredible record 
in the field of social justice and civil rights. Among other things, 
he founded the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church that now has over 7000 
members. He is now retired from that position and now teaches at Rice 
University. In 1996 the Houston community honored him with the 
creation of a non-profit advocacy agency called the William A Lawson
Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The title he has given for what he will share with us this week in 
Ordinary Life is -

"Bridging the Gap Between the Powerful and the Powerless to Achieve 
Peace and Prosperity."

Trust me on this: you don't want to miss hearing Bill Lawson speak.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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