There's Something To Be Said for Not Saying Something

Dear Folks -

Last year I was stunned by the establishment of an endowment in my name. I can't think of a greater honor or way to be acknowledged and appreciated. One of the leaders behind the establishment of this endowment has asked that I included information about the endowment in the summaries and previews that go out to the Ordinary Life list-serve. This, he said, would be information for "distant learners. I'm including the words he suggested here. In future summaries and previews they will be at the end of the e-mail:

The Ordinary Life Class established the Kerley Endowment in appreciation of the lessons of their teacher, Dr. Bill Kerley.  For information on how you can support that endowment, visit the Ordinary Life web site at


The essence of the morality teaching I talked about this week is that we are to be very careful of the words we use and take in and that we make sure we not involve ourselves in deceptive speech or falsehoods. Of course, such misuse of language abounds in our culture. Our loyalty is not to be to the values set by our culture but to justice, compassion and love. The full text I used from which to speak follows. As usual you can find an audio version (though the audio version will not be posted for a couple of weeks).

I will remind you now and again in a preview later in the week that this coming Sunday, Ordinary Life will not meet. Easter services will be held at St. Paul's at 8, 9:30 and 11.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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