What Is The Gospel Truth?

Dear Folks -

As I mentioned in the Preview that went our last week, the presentation about our work in Bolivia couldn't be put on the Ordinary Life website. The audio makes no sense without the pictures and the PowerPoint presentation is too big to upload to the site.

Susanna Hooper has come up with a wonderful solution. She is willing to make CDs of the presentation with both audio and photos available to anyone who wants one. The CDs will cost $10. One hundred present of this money will go directly to supplement the milk and fruit money we are sending to our day care school program in Cochabamba. So, if you want a CD, respond to this e-mail and send your mailing address. An envelope will be enclosed to return your church for the $10. Feel free to send more if you like. After seeing photos of the work, you'll be tempted to do so.

This week, in an effort to lay a foundation for the talks to come, I raise the question: What is the "Gospel truth?" What we believe to be true is very important to know about because our beliefs shape our lives. I illustrate how things some people once held to be true but no longer do by referring to the book "The Help."

Religious and spiritual work that is wise and useful isn't so much about protecting the past as it is about providing us a way to envision and walk into the future.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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There is a problem with the audio from this Sunday.  About 13 minutes in, the sound goes out.