Roddy Young explores Imago Relationship Therapy

Dear Folks -

This Sunday Bill and Sherry will be in Albuquerque attending a
conference with Richard Rohr and James Finley. The conference is called
"Following the Mystics." Bill has asked Roddy Young to speak in his

Roddy Young, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will speak about Imago
Relationship Therapy. It was developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD., former
faculty member of the Perkins School of Divinity at Southern Methodist
University. Using Imago Relationship Theory, we will look at why
couples are drawn together, what causes conflict in relationships, and
then, how to turn conflict into connection. Roddy will also explain how
some of the techniques of Imago Relationship Therapy can be used in
other areas of our lives.

Looking forward to learning more with you!

Be Well,

(no text available for this Sunday)

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