Patience and Persistence

Dear Folks -

If we are to grow as centers of freedom and love, we must pay attention to two worlds at once - the outer world and the inner world.

I expand on this thesis in the talk I gave this week in Ordinary Life. The title is "Patience and Persistence: Realizing the Kingdom Within and Without."

The talk is based on a parable of Jesus that frequently goes by the title "The unjust judge."

In summary: We will not have peace in the world until we have justice and we will not be able to do justice until we have done our inner work.

In this talk I use a quote from Jungian analyst John Sanford. Two of his book you might want to follow up on after reading the text below are: Dreams: God's Forgotten Language and The Kingdom Within: The Inner Meaning of the Sayings of Jesus.

A copy of the full text I used is below with the  the Keynote presentation and audio version.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

Download intro to current study theme:  Why the Parables by Dr. Bill Kerley.pdf

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