Digging Christmas

Dear Folks -

The title of the "life talk" this week is "Digging Christmas."


To "dig" Christmas has, for me, two meanings:

First, to understand.

Second, to delve deeply into.

My goal in this talk was for us to understand both the context in 
which the Christmas stories were conceived and told and to understand 
the context in which we live. Our times and our lives are much more 
like those who were in power at the time of the birth of Jesus than we 
are accustomed to thinking. The talk I gave amplifies on these matters.

The text I used for the talk is below. The audio version is different 
somewhat. You can listen to it by going to the Ordinary Life website 
where you will also find the overheads, including cartoons, I used in 
the talk.

Much love,

Bill Kerley


Click here to Download text 20101212.pdf