Shrewd or Screwed

Dear Folks -

I can't recall a time, except perhaps the 60's, when there has been as much rancor and divisiveness among the American people as now. Looked at from a psychological perspective this behavior can be seen as a way we are coping with anxiety. Scared people and groups of people get busy, withdrawn and fragmented as a way to cope with being scared. Expressed anger is a mask for fear and sadness.

When we are behaving in such a way we are not able to see what needs to be done that is in our true best interest. Scared people settle for short term security and go unconscious about "the big picture."

Jesus told a parable about a man who, when he found himself in desperate circumstances, acted shrewdly. We are in a position of great privilege and great vulnerability on several fronts and it is in our best interest to be shrewd.

That, to the best of my ability, is a hint of what I talked about in Ordinary Life this week. A copy of the text I used is below.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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