Imagine Campaign Preview - Rev. Dr. Jim Bankston

Dear Folks -

This week when we gather for Ordinary Life we are going to talk about
religious literacy and plans for the future. There is in the works
plans for a massive renovation of the Jones Building - which, of
course, is where Ordinary Life gathers each week. Dr. Jim Bankston,
senior minister of St. Paul's, has asked if he could come and tell us
about these plans and answer what questions we might. This renovation
will affect us.

Also, I'm going to try to rectify the "technical malfunction" I had
last week in showing you a movie.

Further, I want to tell you about one of the young people who has
grown up in St. Paul's. She is an amazing person and will be sharing
part of her story with us the following Sunday the 21st.

I am glad and graced to be part of all of this and hope you feel that
way too. I look forward to being with you this week when Ordinary Life

Much love,

Bill Kerley

(There will be no text for this week.)

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