Enneagram pt.1 ~ Judy Wilbratte

Dear Folks -

Bill's quadruple bypass surgery went very well. He has been recovering
in ICU and will be able to return home tomorrow to continue recovering!
Bill thanks you all for your prayers and support.

This Sunday in Bill's absence, we will hear about the Enneagram from our
own Judy Wilbratte from Enneagram Training and Consulting. Judy
Wilbratte is a certified trainer with Dr. David Daniels, Helen Palmer,
and Ginger Lapid-Bogda. She has over 20 years experience working in
Information Technology management, and has been studying and teaching
the Enneagram for over 14 years. She was invited to be a Senior Member
in the Enneagram in Business Network in 2009.

Judy will present briefly and provide a DVD for us to view and handout
to ponder after class. The Enneagram material to be presented is
suitable for those that are experienced or beginners or somewhere
in-between and the DVD is different from the one used in her workshops.
Judy will be returning to teach class on the 30th for part 2 of the Enneagram.
This Sunday will provide some background before going more in depth on the 30th.

We are so grateful to our guest speakers, especially Judy, who stepped
up on very short notice to keep our class routine while Bill is healing.

Be Well,

Susanna Hooper


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