Finders Keepers

Dear Folks -

At the end of Ordinary Life this past week I announced that I will going into the hospital this Wednesday for quadruple bypass surgery. This is a very unexpected event for me. I am lucky in that my doctor, while seeking to treat my allergy induced asthma, discovered that I have coronary artery disease.

There is no history of heart disease in my family, I eat a healthy diet and get some sort of exercise seven days a week; this includes racquetball for over an hour four days a week. My cholesterol has always been low as has my blood pressure.

Consequently when the doctor, after doing a heart catheterization, discovered that one of my arteries was 100% blocked and the other three 90% blocked, I was stunned.

I will likely be away from teaching for a month. During my absence able people will give outstanding presentations. Please support them.

Keep Sherry and me in your thoughts and prayers.

Because I am in good health otherwise I am anticipating a full recovery.

The talk I gave this past week - Finders Keepers - was written while dealing with the anxiety and frustration of one medical test after another, each with more disappointing results than the one before or than anticipated.

There is buried treasure both in our world and in ourselves that requires we open our eyes and be receptive. Then, we can do what is required to "own" this treasure.

One of the things I acknowledge in this talk, and not for the first time, is that I do my teaching to contribute to my own growth and healing. That others derive some benefit from my work is icing on the cake for me. I'm glad you are on this journey with me.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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