A Path of Return and Realization

Dear Folks -

In this Ordinary Life talk I provide a road map, so to speak, of the territory - the topics and issues - we will be covering in the weeks and months ahead in Ordinary Life.

There are two paths people walk in religious and spiritual work. I call one the path of attainment and the other the path of realization. Both are, or can be, useful. Our work will be that of trying to follow the path of realization. The path of realization is marked by, among other things:

practical, true-to-the facts religion,
relevant and useful in the outer world,
healing and wholeness,
the authentic teachings of Jesus,
the world of symbols,
staying in touch with non-functional people, and

I elaborate on each of these briefly in this talk.
The full text I used for this talk is below. There is more content on the audio version.

Much love,
Bill Kerley

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