Tom Peery ~ So, Dad, what makes a man? Or, a woman, for that matter...

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It was a pleasure to hear from Tom Peery this past Sunday.  Below is his preview.


Tom Peery struggled through being a skinny boy in a football-crazed Texas high school, endured an all-men's engineering college, the U.S.Army's Basic Combat Training in killing during the Viet Nam War, then a 25-year competitive ladder-climbing career, workaholic-style, in a multi-national chemical corporation, led by men who preached "cool heads prevail." During his ten-year mid-life crisis that followed, anger, fears, grief, and shame emerged, and, he began to nourish his spiritual life and other relationships. Now 66 years old, he's still learning about life.

Tom is a husband of 36 years, father of two adult children, a staff
spiritual director at the Cenacle Retreat House, and coordinator of the
Southeast Texas Association of Spiritual Directors. In April, 2009, he
was local coordinator of Spiritual Directors International's North
American conference in Houston. He is writing a book in response to his
son's question to him, on the night before his son turned twenty-one:
"So, Dad, what makes a man?"



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