Bethlehem to Bedlam

Dear Folks -

This week's talk begins with the explanation of the origin of the word 
"bedlam." It actually comes from the word "Bethlehem." This is the 
last of the talks in the series I have been giving on the Christmas 
stories. I called it "From Bethlehem to Bedlam."

This is the experience of our lives is to go from the peaceful and 
hopeful scenes that Christmas generate in us to the chaos of our 
lives. I make two suggestions of how we can deal with this: live 
deeply and pay attention to what and who we identify with.

The text I used for the talk is below. We had technical difficulties 
this week so no audio of the talk was captured. Sorry about that.

Much love,

Bill Kerley


Click here to Download text 20110109.pdf


(no audio available this week)