Going Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Dear Folks -

One of the way scholars determine what is or is not a likely authentic teaching of Jesus is the frequency it appears in the sources available to us. The one I based my Ordinary Life talk on this week appears six times in the documents available to us. It is an odd saying and one that has been not only misunderstood but also abused. The saying is this -

Those who have more shall be given to them. Those who have not what little they do have will be taken from them.

I contend that this is a call for us to live beyond both the desires of the ego and the prevailing cultural "wisdom" of our time. We must continually go deeper into ourselves and further into the future.

The full text I used is below - even the ending I didn't get to because the fire alarm went off near the end of the talk causing an abrupt ending to the gathering.

Much love,

Bill Kerley


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