Unmasking Inconsistency

Dear Ones -

This week the title of my "life talk" is

Unmasking Inconsistency


No one of us likes to have attention called to the fact that we "say one thing and do another." The harsher form of this would be to call someone a hypocrite.

Yet, this is precisely one of the functions of a spiritual teacher. Not constantly, of course, or soon that teacher would have no students.

This unmasking of inconsistency is certainly something Jesus did and it is, in the end, why he was executed. The powers that were didn't like what he said about them.

In talking about this matter when we gather Sunday I'll also be dealing with the question, "Did Jesus really perform miracles?" (At least we'll begin that discussion.) My intention is to begin with a minor "miracle" of my own. If you are late, you'll miss it.

I hope, if you are in the Houston area, to see you this week in Ordinary Life.

Bill Kerley


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