Making Spiritual Decisions

Dear Folks -

In my "life talks" I continue to work my way, passage by passage, through Robert Funk's version of the Jesus story. This week's reading raised for me the importance of making wise and useful decisions in the realm of our spiritual and religious work. I began by talking about the difference between a religion and a cult and then moved on to clarify the difference between spirituality and religion.

We are constantly making inevitable choices about what gives our lives meaning. I want to help raise the matter to a high level of consciousness.

The passage also contains the line "a house divided against itself cannot stand." The divisions and divisiveness that exist in our culture and our world stem from the inner fragmentation, numbness and withdrawal we are constantly tempted to fall into by our culture. I also speak to this and the need for psychological integration.

The full text I used to speak from is below. So also is an announcement from the Ordinary Life finance committee.

Much love,

Bill Kerley




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